battery problem


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battery problem

My car battery keeps going dead but not all the way my alarm and kights come on i jump it to start and it runs for about 3 days and goes dead took it to advance auto and autozone nothing wrong with battery startr or alternator took to where my remote starter was put on and they checked out and could not find anyting wrong anyone have any ideas??????
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It's a mystery

The place where you had the auto start put in should be able to put a DC amp meter in line with the battery lead. They should be able to read the amount of drain on the battery. If there was an excessive draw (which obviously there is) they should be able to remove one fuse at a time to find out where the load is coming from.

I would get customers vehicles all the time that had the same issue that you have. Fairly easy job if you know what you are doing.

Unfortunately if the auto electronics guys can't help may have to enlist the aid of a mechanic. You don't want your battery to deep discharge in the'll lose it.
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I always wonder whether the mechanics at these places test the battery properly. I've seen some guys measure the OC voltage after recharging and declare the battery to be fine.
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MissDawgLady, Is there corrosion on the battery terminals? Might want to clean the terminals and applying anti-corrosive grease/spray.
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What kind of vehicle is it. Jeeps have this problem a lot.

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