Brake problem, or no?


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Brake problem, or no?

Hey Folks,

So, just got back from grocery shopping... Ok, it was beer. I'm Canadian.

About a week ago, my 2005 Dodge Caravan seemed a little hesitant to want to move when I'm trying to back out of the driveway. A wee little bit of gas and there's an audible pop kind of sound and everything is good again. I thought maybe something was getting a little sticky, however I never use my parking brake.

Today, the van didn't want to budge. A little gas didn't do the trick this time. A little more gas and the thing moved, but very grudgingly. I got out to take a look and the rear passenger tire had dug a groove into the gravel. It was getting dragged and not turning.

Got back in and put it in drive. Van moves ahead no problems, but there was a little pop sound again when it first moved. Like something is releasing. Reverse, and we're good to go no problems. Drove around doing some other stuff. Gambled and parked in spots where I'd have to back out, no problems.

Any ideas? Please tell me this doesn't sound like something expensive to fix or I might just as well fall on my own sword. This little painter can't handle something like that at this time of year.
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Did you use your parking brake? Couple of things I can think of, 1 Parking brake cable frozen. 2 Wheel cylinder frozen, Will have to take wheel and drum off to check, If cable frozen sometimes hitting on cable will free it to get drum off but not likely.
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Mentioned never using parking brake.

Like pug says, remove drum [had a second thought, would it be disk?] for a look-see. May be something obvious; it doesn't sound expensive, but hard to say.
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Labbat's makes the worst beer ever made. Second only to Coors.

Nope, not the parking brake, never used it once since I got the thing. Can't be frozen either as we've just broke a record for warmest mid January day on record. Had 8 inches of snow 3 days ago, green grass today and not a lick of snow.

Argh, I hate working on my own vehicle. I always break things. Grade 10 auto shop seems like a million years ago. I have no idea if it's disc or drum, but I have a feeling I'm gonna have to find out. Must be something like that as it was only on the one side.
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Can't be frozen either as we've just broke a record for warmest mid January day on record
Think froze up as in rusted or some kind of bind.......not as in frozen liquid
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this van should have rear rotors. and a what sounds like whats happening is a caliper that came loose and binding against the wheel. or the parking break shoes inside the rotor have fallen apart and binding.

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