Recomendation for hitch installer


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Recomendation for hitch installer

I live in Rancho Cucamonga, Val and am looking for a recommendation for a business that can install a hitch on my 2009 Ford Edge. I had a bad experience a few years ago at a U-Haul business on an install and am looking for places you guys have had a good experience at. TY.
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Sorry, Rancho Cucamonga, Cal. Don't know where Val is.
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Have you researched the various hitch options irrespective of retailer?

I was in a similar boat with my '95 Impala and I went ahead and ordered it through a catalog retailer that I found on the Internet and installed it myself. I did have to have some somewhat-special tools (mostly the 9/16" drill bit needed that I already had) but the bulk of the process was just hand tools. I also had to use some different washers (those provided were too small, someone packing the hardware messed up) and I had to interpret the directions (some steps were unclear but pictures of the finished installed product clarified) but I did it in a few hours without any previous experience and without rushing too much.

My hitch did come with directions. U-Haul actually uses the same Draw-tite hitch that I ordered as their hitch in my application, and the directions called for 30-60min install time for a professional. I had previously asked a local auto repair shop how much to install, and they told me a half-hour to an hour of shop time. Had I had the shop do it I still would have saved about $100 over U-haul for this particular hitch, U-haul charges $259 for just the hitch without adding installation, I got it for $166.

There are other businesses like "Quality Bumper", but I'd start with looking at the various hitches available (dealer part?) and go from there.
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Hitch Installer

Try your local RV dealer.
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trailer hitch on 2009 Ford edge - YouTube

YouTube may be your friend

I installed the hitch on my 2007 Uplander and enjoyed the experience. Hitch came from J.C.

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