PT cruiser electrical issue


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PT cruiser electrical issue

Hi all,

Have a 2002 pt cruiser with electrical issue. Everything listed worked in the car last night and as soon as I started this morning all the following showed up. First, the blower motor will not work in any position heat or ac. Second. none of the electric windows will work and one of the button led's is off. The airbag dash light is on and when pressing the rear defroster button the led usually lights when on but it isn't so rear defrost may be out. Now, I was hoping for a fuse so when I went into the main fuse panel, i found the 25 a fuse for the blower motor but it is good. I also have the schematics in the repair manual for these items. It looks like at least the windows and the blower are fed from different devices. One a fuse and the other a circuit breaker. Both are fed from RUN-A22 whatever that means. Anyways, I Am not sure how all the circuits are run in the vehicle so maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I will be metering things out this weekend to try and find. being that so many things are out there must be common point where these tie together. Thx
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So here is where I am at. Behind the dash at bottom behind fusebox there is a large plastic connector with about 20 wires coming out of it. I grasped some of the wires going into the connector and wiggled them around a bit and presto blower came on windows worked and airbag light went out. I am now wondering if anyone knows how this is laid out. I am envisioning this connector as all the circuits coming from the fusebox. I am wondering how the fuse box is laid out in that maybe within the fusebox there are several buses that are used to pick up the circuits. Similar to a house panel. Then maybe there are several 12V wires feeding the buses. By wiggling one of these wires maybe I am making/breaking power to one of he buses if it is corroded or something killing power to all this stuff. I did this because I recall 5 or 6 years ago I had an intermittant issue with the lights and locks and found a corroded wire going into this connector. I had to wirenut a jumper around connector. It is not easy to get at and make the repair in the location it is at. Hopefully this can help anyone reading. Thanks
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Yes......there are a few primary wires feeding many fuses.
There is an "always live" buss
An ignition buss
An accessory buss

and there are usually multiples of these protected by large fuses under the hood. Like a group fuse. Sometimes labeled with letters.

If you had the service manual for your vehicle you could determine if all the problem circuits are feed by one buss.
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I'm guessing that the Body Control Module is either not connected properly or that it has failed. If the former, then it could be a fuse, or a corroded connector, or something of that nature. The BCM controls most of the major non-engine-operation functions of the car.

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