'07 Chevy Malibu 80K miles, Replacing CV-Joints. What about wheel bearings?

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'07 Chevy Malibu 80K miles, Replacing CV-Joints. What about wheel bearings?

Hi everyone,
I have a '07 Chevy Malibu 2.2L with about 80K miles. We started hearing a noise coming out of the left-front end which sounds like a slight clunking when you start out or turn a corner. With previous cars, this was usually the signal that the cv-joint was needing replaced.
Anyway, I'm planning on having that done next month, but my question is: Would it be a good idea to replace the wheel bearings as well or wait until a problem develops.
I had a '92 Buick LeSabre in a similar situation several years ago but with a lot more miles, and as I remember, it wasn't very long after replacing the CV-joints that the wheel bearings needed replaced. The only thing, if I remember correctly about the Buick wheel bearings they were real expensive because the ABS wheel sensors were built-in -- Anyone know if the Malibu's are similar?
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Don't fix it if it ain't brok; if it's brok, fix it right away.

Did you even try to look at the CV joint boot? Do you KNOW it's CV joint, not something else?
Did you do hub bearing test? Is car showing ANY signs of having bad bearing? Many things "out there" can make noises. EG, loose spring on McPherson strut plate. Bad strut bearing. Loose nuts holding strut in place to the fender. Well, it's not fender. Wheel well. All of the above, None of the above. Rock stuck somewhere.
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If you're doing it yourself I'd lean more strongly in favor of replacing, simply because of how much work it is to get in there, but if it's being serviced by someone else that would very much depend on how much more to have them changed over just the CV shafts. If they charge the same as if they went bad while the car was otherwise assembled then it doesn't make any sense to pay a shop to change 'em, but if the shop will do them for essentially the cost of the part because they've already disassembled that far, if there's real worry then maybe it makes sense.
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replace as needed, and my guess is the shop that did the Buick didn't torque the axle nut properly causing the bearings to fail. yes yours has the ABS inside the bearings. GM"S take a surprisingly low torque on their axle nuts, and if installed buy air gun it will scratch/scar the bearing balls. after some driving that scratch/scar will eat away at the race and other parts of the bearing balls until the whole thing is chewed up.
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Agree with Igor on source of noise. Clunking is not what I would call a typical cv noise; struts and other steering/suspension items are more likely to produce a 'clunk".
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Check the sway bar end links
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thanks all for replying...

Sorry for not picking up on the replies earlier, got busy...
Will go the route of having the shop look at the source of the noise rather than throwing parts at a fix.
But, I learn a lot from everyone who replied and I think most of you have helped me with good advice in the past.
Thank all of you,

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