2007 Corolla LE automatic


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2007 Corolla LE automatic

Because I just wrote about noise in another thread, I wanted to ask a question that may be related.
I have 46,000 miles on the car, and follow the manual faithfully.
**There is nothing in there related to the electrical/electronic/fuel part of the car, however.
Isn't there something that should be done at a certain number of miles or intervals like rotor cap, and others.
In the older days there were points, plugs, condenser, fuel pump etc. to attend to but these are not mentioned anymore. I therefore, am not aware of some other new electronic/electrical maintenance to be done. We have done none.
I know it says timing belt at 120,000[chain]. Other than that is its basically oil and filter and the obvious like belts and hoses which we have done with the serpentine belt. We also change the cabin air filter and the engine filter.
We have topped the battery off with distilled water too.
Maybe something electronically is causing the noise at startup.
The car is running rough at idle at times.
It seems that 60,000 is the time to go through the car thoroughly like changing the plugs etc..
**So, is there some maintenance to be done other than oil, filter prior to 60,000 that is not in the book but is common sense or advisable?
Thank you
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I don't know at what mileage it's specified but at 6 yrs old it might be time to change the fuel filter.
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The manual calls for 60,000 but you have a point. I think these new ones are under pressure. I'll call the dealer then go to a friend if it is going to be done.
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I think you need to re-read it. No mention of plugs? Newer cars are normally about 100K...and they don't mentions plug wires...but those should probably be done as well.

New cars don't have points or condensers...and distrib caps no longer get burned from arcing...if you even have one.
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I forgot to mention they said plugs at 90,000 and no mention of wires but good to do at the same time.
I am not disappointed that there are fewer parts to chase.
The car and I are in a race to the finish line but I'm not quitting..
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He has iridium tipped plugs good for 100 000 miles and solid state ignition packs, one per plug. They are known for extreme reliability.
Not sure if he has chain or belt, as in timing, his post is confusing in that respect.
Serpentine is normally done at 100 000 miles on those.
There are no points or caps to worry about. At that little mileage, bright idea is to pop any electrical connector you can locate and open, lubricate with dielectric grease, and plug back in. Same goes for ignition pack tips on plugs.
AND THAT"S ABOUT IT. Stay away from cheap gas, change air filter regularly, same goes for air freshener filter, prime fuel system once a year with Seafoam, and do oil changes regularly and with good oil. Be well.
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I was thinking that maybe the very cold snap is causing the exhaust system to tap against the chassis or something related to this cold snap.
I will let you know.
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Not sure about the noise issue but while you have done some good maintenance you might also want to have your brake fluid checked for moisture content because after 5 years it probably needs to be refreshed. Also coolant after 5 years. Not sure what Toyota recommends for auto transmission fluid change if you have an automatic but that is something else that could be done as preventive maintenance. If you plan on keeping that car and continue with good maintenance that car will go on forever.
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These have been attended to and I thank you for your help.

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