'96 nissan sentra---need help


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'96 nissan sentra---need help

Sitting in the driver seat of my Nissan Sentra---I can command up or down on any of the windows, and they work fine. When I try up or down on the left back window, it doesn't work.

What I can do, is leave ignition on, and open the left rear door. When I use that individual control, it works fine.

Seems like this would be something simple, like a vacuum hose leak.

Where should I look?
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Vacuum leak? Why would you think that?

If I understand correctly the LR door control works fine when open, but not closed? And the driver master control works all the time?

Broken wire between the LR door and the frame, where it enters the body.
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If you are talking about power windows, they are electric. Never heard of a vacume powered power window.
Have you tried the back right window?
If it doesn't work, might be a child lock issue. If it does work, it's the door switch on the back door.

Edit: Vic beat me to it (180 second post delay).
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these are also bad about the switches going bad. at the drivers swtich(the one that does not work) first see if the switch "feels" the same as the others, play with the switch alittle rocking it barly sideways when trying to control the window in question. if you can get it to move your main switch is bad.
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Huh! I thought they were vaccum operated. Thanks for the info.

Good thoughts on how I can do some troubleshooting. I think whatever is wrong is something fairly simple.

The good news is that it's a control problem; not the unit itself.

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