Most powerful 4 cyl


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Most powerful 4 cyl

I promise, I shall not do it any more. Nuff useless posts. But I could not hold myself.

Volvo makes the most powerful normally aspirated 4-cylinder.

Specs are:

1800 horsepower at 1800 rpm (the turbocharged versions are rated at 2500 horsepower)

Size is 9.7L (about 600 cubic inches)

That is 185.5 hp per liter.
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These are in trucks, and are diesel, right?? Oh, you said normally aspirated. That's a lot of HP, and I don't think it will fit into my S40.
It may be unrelated, but size of engines really is deceptive. I'll put my 6 cylinder 5.9 cummins up against any Ford Powerchoke or Chevy Duramax 8 cylinder any you mentioned.....Turbo. Once mine starts whining, it jumps out there.
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I remember reading that to get money to further his automobile development, Henry Ford built a 2 cylinder race car that was 700+ cid. I wonder if he needed a seat belt to hang on when he hit the gas?
btw- he won the race
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HP is over rated.
How much Torque did that bad boy make?
That sounds like a boat motor, possible a tug boat.
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I read its used for a Generator. Cant really find info on it so dont know how true it is.....
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Yes, it's powering generator. I bet it's diesel, I can't possibly see that done with gas.
Though rotary airplane engines are very powerful too. I found, same search, that Toyota used to put kick a... rotary engines into their Celicas back in old times. Couldn't find any HP to it, but they were supposed to be SOMETHING. Not Wankel type engines, like I said - airplane style. Maybe they are even called different.
But from the real world, Porsche had the baddest I4 - 236 HP. That was some time in 90s.
Reason I stepped into this, some guy was debating over 4 cyl appropriateness for a Mustang. And I could sware, I saw a video of a 4 cyl modded Civic doing 640 HP. By pure luck, hit that Volvo monster.
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We have a guy here in Ontario that is in the high 600hp with his Caliber SRT4 (2.4l turbo).
Not hard to get high hp out of an inline 4, just hard to do so and it still be driveable on the street (which his isn't very good).
I'm in the 340hp/350ftlb torque range from my 2.4l Caliber.
The small displacement engines need the boost to make huge power. The number of cylenders doesn't have a whole lot of affect on power provided displacement isn't an issue.
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Sounds like it's not an inline either, as the harmonics would wreak havoc without balance shafts or the like. I would guess that it's horizontally-opposed.

I'm at a point where it's about the right size engine. To an extent that does mean the biggest engine that will fit an engine bay, but hacking a swap isn't up my alley anymore. If the KA24E in my Nissan Hardbody truly wears out (and it probably has 100K to reach that level of wear) then I may consider a KA24DE dual-overhead-cam model, and while out there might be some mild porting and chamfering work on the head, but I'm not going to try to cram a significantly different engine in its place.

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