Ticking sound on acceleration before well warmed up


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Exclamation Ticking sound on acceleration before well warmed up

I have a 2010 Nissan Altima (gasoline engine)

I hear a slight ticking sound when the car is accelerating. The ticking is in tempo with the RPMs.

It only ticks before the car gets completely warmed up: Only for the first coulple of minutes.

There is no ticking when the car is coasting.

There is no ticking when you put the car in drive, hold the brake and press the gas pedal.

There is no ticking when the car is in neutral and you press the gas pedal.

What is causing this?

Thank You.
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Unless they changed it, Nissan has odd lifters design. They are like tappets with oil lifters in the center. Lifters are tiny.
Run Seafoam through the crank case, full can, for 500 miles, and change oil.
Otherwise, your ignition is too advanced, causing rockers noise under acceleration. But that you can not change.
Truly, if it's gone after engine wamrs up (= oil got all the way into the oil lifters) it's likely lifters getting dirty.
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What engine do you have, the 2.5 ??

Probably piston slap Nissan Altima Engine Rattle - Car Forums - Edmunds
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oil level? do you use cheap oil filters that allow feed back/drain off? what are the conditions of your belts? i have had a few customers complain their car was ticking and it was an odd quick chirp of a bad belt. i would first determine the location of the noise(after checking oil level)

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