Front end Collision damage - wiped out on ice on highway - Nissan Pathfinder


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Front end Collision damage wiped out on ice on highway - Nissan Pathfinder pics

My son crashed our 02 Pathfinder today on a patch of black ice in a curve on the highway. Few other cars wiped out too. He managed to dodge two cars and hit one that was sideways across two lanes. The pathfinder was skidding sideways towards her and made contact with the side of her car and the front driver side corner of the pathfinder. The speed was approximately 40-50mph at impact. Luckily she got out of the car and waited in the centre median behind the guard rail.

Since the car is a now 11 years old, I recently switched the insurance to liability only so I will have the to make the best of this car now.

Got it towed home. I drove it up the driveway and into the garage. Engine, steering, transmission all seem to work fine. There coolant reservoir tank is broken and caused some leaking fluids. Aside from that the radiator and the transmission cooler do not appear to be leaking.

The air bags did not deploy somehow. I believe because the impact was during a skid and only on the front driver side corner.

I drove it into the garage and started taking off parts to see what the damage really was. I removed the radiator in the photos which was bent but not leaking. I plan to replace it with a new unit.

(Edit - i guess linking to photos one uploaded on an image hosting site is not supported, so I uploaded the photos to my dropbox account.)


It appears the bush guard deformed significantly and took some of the crash energy, but then caused more damage to the upper part of the radiator support and hood. The re-bar was not excessively damaged as it would have been without the bush guard.
The good news is the bush guard saved the chasis frame rails on the unibody from deforming. Both appear straight.

I checked online for replacement parts and they can all be had fairly inexpensively. An aftermarket radiator support costs only $80. Aftermarket fenders are only $50 each and a used hood on kijiji locally is $150.

Can anyone give me some suggestions in how you go about removing it the radiator support?

I plan to get a body shop to install the new radiator support and fenders and do any frame straightening if required. I then plan to do the rest myself.

The driver side inner fender is damaged and I am not sure how to replace it, as it seems to be attached to the structure of the unibody. This is a part I would likely ask a body shop to replace.

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The link to the photos didn't work. It could be just my connection.

If it was me, before ordering any parts, I'd have the frame(?) checked to insure it's straight and true. I helped a buddy of mine work on his 95 Pathfinder and it was framed. Unless they changed the design big time, it should be framed (which would have been what possibly saved it). On the frame note, they where bad for rotting from the inside/out, so I would check that as well while checking for frame straightness.

For the rad supports, if you are replacing them, I'd just cut the old ones then soak the bolts with penetrating oil and remove the remaining pieces.
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Pictures came up fine for me.
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They worked for me too

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