2002 Ford Explorer Died and now runs


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2002 Ford Explorer Died and now runs

My '02 Explorer was running normal, then began vibrating, then the engine died and left me with no lights no power what so ever. I had the vehicle towed to my mechanic whom I have lost all faith in. He diagnosed it with a seized engine then had it towed to a dealer who also diagnosed it seized. Facing a $4-5k shop bill I had it towed back home. I didn't touch it for a week, got in the vehicle and found the serpintine belt on the seat. Placing the belt back where it belongs I turned the key to hear the dings, see the lights, and continued to turn it and wham it started. Running very rough and smoking I shut it off. Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to where to begin eliminating potentially expensive problems? 2002 4.0 gasoline stock
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blown head gasket. unless u hit a big water puddle. also known as hydro locked. the engine cant compress water,preventing it from turning over. sitting for a week allowed water to seep past the rings. bet if you pull the dip stick it will be over full. loss of power have guesses but nothing solid.
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What color was the smoke? How many miles on the engine?
Has a compression check been done? if so, what were the numbers?

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You said it stalled suddenly on the road and it left you with no lights and with no power. Well all that could mean an "Alternator" issue. Have the alternator and battery checked. Auto Zone will check them for FREE.

Thank You
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The smoke was white, 110k no compression check
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I agree on the alternator but it sounds like you have an engine problem as well. Was the check engine light on at any point? Even if it was not, I'd have the engine checked for codes and have someone take a look at the alternator and the battery.

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