Gas Gauge reading slow


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Gas Gauge reading slow

2002 Ford Explorer XLT 6cyl

Last night after filling the tank. My gas gauge was stuck at 1/4. Flipped over to the trip odometer so I could reset it to calculate consumption and it either had just rolled over or reset automagically. Everything else is working fine. Today, the gas gauge finally started showing full after a 30 minute commute to work.

I assume the problem is electrical and not a fuse since the gauge isn't just stuck on E. Any troubleshooting thoughts? Easy fixes?
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Did you fill the vehicle with it running last night ?

Seems to be something with Fords. I have the same exact problem if I fill the tank with the engine running. If the engine is off.....the gauge acts normally.
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Sounds like you have a slight issue with ice in the fuel system (and or) fuel lines. Try some "Dry Gas" (aka fuel line anti-freeze) and a quality fuel stabilizer.

Thank You

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