98 Grand Caravan Heater Question


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98 Grand Caravan Heater Question

As I move the temp lever right for more heat, the blower output reduces. Is this normal? I've had both a independent shop and the dealer say they didn't know and really didn't want to tear the dash apart. Any other owners out there America?
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it does reduce but slightly. this is due air now flowing through two heat exchange units(heater core, evaporator). air always flows through the evaporator as it is used for a/c and defrost. i would say if it is a big loss of flow them you might have something blocking the passage. thats weird to happen because it would have to get passed the evap. first. if in doubt find another van like yours and compare
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Iceman681 is right. However the reduction in blower output cold be a blend door issue, so rule that out as well.

Thank You

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The loss is pretty significant, but the van does still heat. It sound like a pretty significant amount of labor to get to it. I may just live with it.

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