2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Fluid Specs


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2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Fluid Specs

I just recently rebuilt my transmission for my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan and am about to buy the fluid. Does anyone know if there is a specific type of transmission fluid to be used in the year make and model of vehicle? I know that dodge and jeep are sometimes weird about that kind of thing. Is regular ATF okay?
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Can't find anything specific but someone said it should say what fluid to use on the dipstick.
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Depends on what you mean by regular; it'll take Chrysler fluid ATF+3 or ATF+4 rather than Dexron. As mitch said, should say on the dipstick.
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c'mon, guys. Just fork for Amsoil synthetic ATF and never change it again.
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Use ATF+4 and change it every 50 to 60.000 miles.

Thank You

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At double the price of regular (I think), not sure I would spend the extra $$$ on a 12 year old Caravan even when rebuilding tranny unless rest of vehicle and engine were pristine.
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Ill go with Amy on this one. At 60K you start to have symptoms any more.
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Have seen it happen when I worked for Dodge dealer as partsman, and since proved it to many friends, as well as seen postings on "Allpar.com" that anything other than using Mopar ATF+4 is taking a chance. That is the new recommended fluid for Chysler/Dodge tranny's and is compatible to add to ATF+3 if necessary. Before ATF+4 from Mopar, obviously it was ATF+3. I did find one article on why other brands shouldn't be used but cannot find it again, but have seen and heard numerous times of another brand that a lot of mechanics swear is compatible, as well as the manufacturers, and sellers, that just don't work right with Chrysler tranny's, and cause shifting problems etc, only to dissappear when fluid dumped and replaced with Mopar. Up to you, but I always insist on Mopar tranny fluid only, just because of what I have seen, let alone heard from others. Yet I have seen next one run fine, but I only want to do it once, and won't take the chance.

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