1998 Ford Explorer power lock problem


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1998 Ford Explorer power lock problem

Both the driver's side and passenger side power lock buttons don't lock the doors. The unlock works only. The power lock button in the back ("trunk") works fine for locking and unlocking. What should I be fixing/replacing?
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Switch or wire issue. Probably going to have to remove switch and do some troubleshooting with a meter. Often the trouble with switches or wires in the doors is found where the wiring goes to the chassis in the door hinge area; the wiring there gets a lot exercise.
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You said that the drivers side and passenger power door locks don't lock the doors, but the unlock function still works. Well is that at the individual switches or is at the master switch as well? Do you understand what I'm asking you here? Also did you lose the unlock funtion at both switches at the same time. Read below carefully.

Look between the hinges on the drivers door, and you will see a "Rubber Boot" that connects the "Bulkhead" of the car to the door. Well inside that rubber boot are wires for the power windows and power door locks that frequently split. Using a fresh "Single Edge" blade or cutter, CAREFULLY "Slit Open" that rubber boot, and inspect ALL the wires for:

or Breaks

If you find any DON'T TRY TO REPAIR THEM. The repair will not last and be permanent . The only way to repair this is to run NEW PIECES OF WIRE. Do that by splicing into the wire at some point in the car, and then run the wire through the rubber boot and into the door. Then pick up the other splice at some point inside the door. In other words, the GOAL HERE is to have a SOLID PIECE OF WIRE RUNNING THROUGH THE BOOT AGAIN!!!

Thank You
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Also check the switch contacts if you can get the switch apart. Be careful though, the plastic is fragile and could crack. I had the same issue on an older care of mine (1995 Acura Legend) and once I cleaned the contacts, everything worked fine again.
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Using a fresh "Single Edge" blade or cutter, CAREFULLY "Slit Open" that rubber boot,
I'm not quite sure I agree with slicing the (waterproof) boot open. I always disconnected it from the car or door side and slid it one way.
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To make the boot waterproof again after it has been slit open, all you have to is seal it with 2 or 3 layers of shrink tubing.

Thank You

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