95 toyota paseo...burning way too rich


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95 toyota paseo...burning way too rich

I have replaced my 02 sensor, catalytic converter, and muffler...I am getting 9 miles to the gallon and smelling serious rich exhaust fumes...HELP !!! It is raping me on gas and I apparently have replaced a bunch of parts necessarily...limited income
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Welcome to the forums.

Have you had the computer scanned for codes? If not, Auto Zone will typically do it for free (with the idea you'll buy the parts you need to fix it from them) and then you can post the results here for someone to interpret for you.
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What kind of injectors is it? Is it throttle body injection system, or full blown 4 injectors? Usual suspect is leaking injectors, either in O-rings leak, or them simply being stuck open.
Look up on Youtube how to DIY injectors cleaning. Not that hard. replace O-rings.
Otherwise, one of the sensors is telling ECM to run rich. Or, your spark ain't worth a dime, and you end with bunch of unburnt fuel. Will kill your cat soon.

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