09 Kia sportage, a "clunk" when turning to/from the left


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09 Kia sportage, a "clunk" when turning to/from the left

Whenever the wheel is turned far to the left(backing out of a parking spot and such) there is a loud "clunk" noise when I turn back to the right. It doesn't seem to happen in the opposite direction. Any idea what would be causing this and how serious it is? I don't know much about these things, obviously.
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Probably has about 50k miles? Could be a number of things; strut, ball joint, tierod end, bushings, even maybe a cv axle. I would take it in to a good independent garage and let them have a look. Post back here what they tell you.
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If the clunking you are hearing is just when you turn the wheel, check all the steering linkage, ball joints, struts and wheels. If the clunk is consistent and the car is moving with the wheel turned most likely the CV joint is bad.
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+1 to both of the suggestions above.

It is either linkage, a ball joint, or CV axle (or all 3).
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I just fixed clunk-clunk-clunk in the tight left hand turn, forward or in reverse, on associate's Tc by simply tightening lug nuts. All front lugs where loose, some took 3 full turns from impact wrench to get to tight point. No, I do not have it over torqued.

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