'96 chrysler town & country question


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'96 chrysler town & country question

Yesterday, we drove through a fair amount of rain. At one point, we crossed a low spot with maybe a foot of water in it. Right after that, my wife told me we'd lost power steering. We were turning in a place, and waited in line. Maybe 3-5 minutes later it came back on.

I took it to a mechanic early this morning, and asked him to check for electrical problems. He told me he sees this is late model cars. When you splash through lots of rain, the serpentine belt gets wet, and spins. He says in some cases, you lose power steering and your alternator, too, for a brief time. Has nothing to do with an electrical problem.

This isn't good.

Does anyone else know of this problem? Is there a quick fix we can put on it?

This is something to go to Chrysler on, if there isn't a fairly well known quick fix.
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Driving in water affects many cars the same way. It does the same thing to brakes. The car is usually still drivable until the belt dries out.

I'm not sure of any quick fix except not to drive thru deep water.
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Must be the storm we're getting over here today.

Agree with PJ; you will likely never notice it in routine quantities of water on the road, but a foot of water is probably going to get up to where the belt circles the crank pulley. My wife has had it happen once or twice on our Camry.
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You are lucky the thing kept running.

Next thing will be bad wheel bearings caused by water damage.
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I read your original posting, but I didn’t read the responses to your posting because I don’t have to.

First thing is to find a new mechanic, because the mechanic you are currently dealing with is incompetent.

After you find a new mechanic replace all your drive belts.

After that (sounds like) the alternator currently in your Town and Country is wrong for your type of vehicle.

Get the “Starting and Charging” systems checked.

In other words have (what is known) as a “Load Test” done.

Many repair shops and “Chain Type” auto part stores will do the load test for FREE.

If the test reveals an alternator that is LESS THAN 130 amps, it is WRONG for you particular vehicle.

Thank You

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