Chevy van. Knocking noise then dead


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Chevy van. Knocking noise then dead

My Chevy work van, I forget the year. Was making a loud knocking noise coming from the front. Oil pressure soon dropped to zero except when you apply the gas, in which it would go up slightly. Soon after that. I lost the ability to go past 40mph and in moments the van shut down. Had it towed and the mechanic said I had no oil and now the company is blaming me for the van breaking down. So I guess my question is can you get the oil pressure gauge to move up with zero oil in the van? I could have sworn I had oil in the van.
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You did not, or your oil pump failed. Either way, should not been driving it the very moment you heard the noise.
Now you have seized engine. Cheap fix is to pull oil pan down, and replace tie rod bearings. You can do it without removing anything else, just make sure not to drop pistons down or scratch crankshaft journals with tie rods. Edges are very sharp. It's tedious but very doable. You have to have spark plugs out to be able to move pistons inside by hand, from below. You can turn crank by center bolt.Original size bearings should be OK, as if you go with repair sizes, you may over tighten crank and seize engine again just from that.
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as a mechanic if this came in to my shop i too would say there was no oil. even though one/two quarts might have been in it. because when its running its not near enough too count. just like if your wife asked for some money and you had 30 in the bank you would say your broke.
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Two things,if your oil press drops shut it off till you find out why. If the engine ran out of oil and you ran it till it quit you are not going to fix it with new brngs.
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New bearings might fix it ok. Years ago I was extremely busy and got distracted in the middle of an oil change. Long story short; I got up the next morning, grab a cup of coffee and headed out the door. About 5 miles later I noticed the engine didn't sound right and saw the oil gauge was at zero That's when I realized I had drained the oil but never put any back in #%*&

Bottom bearings and new oil pump got that old flathead ford up and running for another 10 yrs
I swore at the time I'd never ever tell anyone what a stupid thing I had done
Those old flatheads were indestructible, not sure if a modern engine would fare that well.
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We did this bearings swap on then new Oldsmobile. Had maybe year or two on the engine. How kid ran out of oil on it I have no idea.
Buddy who tipped me on this is life long engine mech. He said, they had tons of those done this way, as first thing that seizes engine is tie rod bearings.
But it does not matter, as OP apparently bowed out of this thread without trace.
And truly, it is not that hard to do. Also, you can pull head off and remove pistons through the top and do those jobs without pulling block out. Day and a half job on four banger. Do head same time. Done that too.

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