91 Mustang GT starter problems


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91 Mustang GT starter problems

Bare with me, half keyboard is gone.

The other day I got a click while attempting to start my mustang, after the single click it turned over perfect, drove 5 miles and now stranded with constant single clicks every time I try to start the car. Well changed the starter solenoid and it attempted to start with key not in ignition. Exchanged for the "less superior" solenoid. Well it took care of the constant attempts of ghost starting.
Now it turns over only when I want it to, but its not starting. Only the starter tries and tries. My fuel pump works, I'm getting spark, I can even smell gas under the hood.
I only have the starter hooked up on one side of solenoid and rest on other. Car never gave me problems until this.

Checked all fuses, relays, connections.
Checked fuel pump
Checked for spark
Tried to jump it with another car
Tried to fully charge the battery

Pretty stock, although there is some older style Viper alarm on it. Just throwing that out in case maybe you suspect the ignition relay switch (or whatever its called on them). I turned on valet mode anyway.

One last thing, when i try to start the car, the starter sounds perfect but after about 3-4 seconds it slows down pretty noticeably, but enough for it to be able to start up

4 Speed Automatic
Viper 600hf system
Pretty stock except a few bolt ons.
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Try this and post back the results. The next time you get just a click, have a friend sit behind the wheel and hold the ignition key all the way foward to the full start position as if starting the car. Now with the key held in that position you hit the starter a few times with a hammer. If the car starts, it means that the starter is defective and needs to be replaced. BTW: I'm not seeing where you RULED OUT a defective ignition switch.

Thank You
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personally, I would really clean/sand ALL of the contacts having anything to do with current. At the battery, at the alternator, and at the starter. pull the cables and really get the metal shiny, as well as the contacts the cables touch when they are attached the the various components. Then maybe some dielectric gel to help keep out corrosion etc. . .
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I agree with the last posting from "Cbuddy2005".

Only thing is I'm sure that "Cbuddy' has a perfectly sound and logical reason as to why your focus should be on a "Voltage" issue, when a "Ground" issue ( for your particular issue) is more critical than a voltage issue.

Thank You

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