1995 nissan altima control arm problem!!


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1995 nissan altima control arm problem!!

Hey all!

Attempting to replace control arm and dealership says I have to buy the whole control arm. Meaning the pivot arm is included/attached. But every arm I see for sale does not have pivot arm attached. They have the bushing imbedded in the control arm, but no pivot arm.

I have the old one off the car and I am stuck

And I cannot see a way to get the pivot arm out of the old control arm.
Tried pounding on the end, just for kicks--zero effect.
Dealer wants approx $300 for each side just for the part!

Anybody have any experience with this?????
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I order almost all my parts from rockauto.com because they have quality parts, great prices and reasonable shipping. Looks like for your car you can choose from several brand for under $90 per side. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'pivot arm' though, are you referring to the ball joint? The several control arms I looked at included that.

$300 per side from the dealer is insane...
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Not sure why this thread revived itself as a new one?? Didn't we have like 20 responses to it already? Where did it all go?

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