Brake squeals


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Brake squeals

I have a 2001 Buick century that had the brake pads replaced, recently I took car back to the mechanic because one of the brakes was squealing, it does this when I'm slowly coming to a stop and it squeals just before stopping. I took the car back to the mechanic, since, it was in warranty he replaced the pads. Two days later the squeal came back. This time I went and bought new ceramic pads and rotors and install them myself. Guess what? Low and behold the squeal is back. Any help from you good people will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Do you drive down any dirt/gravel roads? I've had dust cause a squeal before - it usually goes away after driving on good roads for awhile.
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Did you get new anti squeal clips or use the adhesive? That cures the problem many times...though I've found the newer ceramic pads seem to be more prone to this problem. Never seemed to happen with the old organic pads.
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I've had squeal with cheap pads after replacing them from a local Auto parts place. Ended up getting different pads and the problem never came back.
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Do NOT do ceramic pads. They are worse on making noise. As much as I hate to suggest it, softer organic pads are much less prone to making noises.

As of the squeal. Shine light at your rotors. Are they glazed? As in - shiny polished, like mirrors? If yes, that's your answer. De - glaze them and squeal will go away. After you de - glazed them, you must bed pads in right away. Google brake/rotor break in.

Oh, how do you de-glaze rotors? It really depends on what you have in your garage. Anything from hand sanding to power tools with wire brush works.

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I agree with everything that's been posted so far, but have you ruled out warped rotors?

Thank You

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