99 Nissan maxima will not start.


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Angry 99 Nissan maxima will not start.

It's getting fire. Fuel pump working, but it doesn't seem to get gas.:
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Fire is just another way of saying spark. So how exactly are you checking for spark and how exactly have you confirmed that spark is reaching all the plugs?

How exactly have you confirmed that fuel is not reaching the plugs (and or) the injectors are not firing?

Are there any blown fuses, master fuses, circuit breakers, defective relays, or fusible links?

Have you confirmed a circuit to the fuel pump?

There is much more, but for now answer these simple and basic questions.

Thank You
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Have you actually seen the spark or tested for it? Have you pulled a spark plug and is it wet?
A non start condition is usually caused be the crank sensors. The vehicle has two, Crank POS and Crank REF. POS is located on the transmission bell housing and looks at the flywheel. It can be seen from under the vehicle. REF is located just above the main pully.

The cam shaft sensor controls fuel delivery, but will not cause a non start condition. It's located on the timing cover, right above where the belts are.

Is / was the check engine light on prior to this?

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