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Red face Clutch

I have a 1995 Hyundai S Coupe manual and I think I need a new clutch, but I am a mere female and dont know if it is that or I just need clutch/brake fluid, I can tell you that I need to double clutch to put into gear, does that mean I need a new clutch?? thanks for your help
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Welcome to the forums.

Why do you think you need a new clutch ?

Usually if you need a clutch...... when you put your foot on the gas you'll hear the engine race but the vehicle doesn't move any faster. Usually occurs at one of the higher gears.

In your case it doesn't sound like you have a clutch problem. You have a clutch release problem. If you look under the hood.... on the drivers side.... pretty close to the firewall ..... you should see a little container with a removable top on it. Remove cover and check fluid level. If it's low your clutch won't release properly.
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Not unusual for the clutch hydraulics that PJ is talking about to develop a leak over time, very often at the "slave" end. Pretty easy fix if it continues to lose fluid and needs frequent fill-ups.

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