Clear windsheild


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Clear windsheild

I have a 1999 GMC Jimmy that is in prime condition, but with 175,000 miles it has a lot of minor windshield pitting that is terrible when driving into the sun or occasionally at night. - No scratches or cracks. Just one minor stone mark out of the safety zone that will not crack.

What is the best approach to correct that outside of getting a new windshield?

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I'm pretty sure your windshield is heavily scratched although you might not see the scratches. The damage begins the first time you use the wipers even if you squirt the washer fluid on first. The fine scratches disburse sunlight and approaching headlights causing glare. This wasn't such a problem years ago but with the super bright headlights they are using now which all seem to be aimed much higher, it's like every car has it's high beams on. I don't know if there is any way to resurface a windshield to make it like new. I think your only option is a new windshield, not used from a junkyard but new.
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Check your insurance policy, you may have full glass coverage. I always get it on mine and it is very low cost to add to a policy.
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FWIW, windshield replacement is pretty cheap as repairs go nowadays. We recently did my wife's Camry which had wiper-pattern scratches ever since we bought it (used) many years ago. Finally got tired of driving behind gravel trucks hoping for a big crack and took the plunge. Think we paid about $250, installed right here in the driveway. Pays to shop around.
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I've had reasonable success with using paint sealer (car wax) and similar products on my windshield.
It's not a solution for the larger pits and scratches, but for the fine ones, it works just as well as it does on the car's painted surfaces.
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You need "Cerium Oxide" glass polish. Visit the link below.

Thank You
Amy cerium oxide glass polish

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