Body Repair -newer car -need advice for newbe: are OEM parts better? etc.


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Body Repair -newer car -need advice for newbe: are OEM parts better? etc.

My Toyota Sienna 2011 was hit in front passenger corner at the front bumper and fender area.

The bumper caved in and partially separated from fender (top right only). Fender got bent and moved blocking the front passenger door (the paint on the edge of the door got stripped). A black plastic bracket (hardware) connecting the top right of the bumper cover to the fender got cracked (pretty badly).

As far as the Bumper cover itself, I just pushed it back out and it got back in shape - just some scratches left - no problem (after all it's a bumper -supposed to have scratches :-). I will by a new bracket to attach bumper to the fender.

I want to replace the fender (front passenger side).
The estimate from insurance adjuster (which is usually "under-estimate") lists (all parts are OEM due to low mileage):

Fender, front RT, High Strength Steel, replace OEM $317;
Extn, Front Fender RT, dented, repair, refinish; 1.9 hours
Skirt, Inner Fender RT, replace $114.47;
Brace, Front Fender RT, replace $20.83

What are these "Skirt, inner fender" and "Brace, Front fender" ?

Are OEM parts (fender, hardware) better than aftermarket?

Where should I buy them?

Fender painting: I don't think I can do a good job painting outside of the fender (also blending colors -no idea - don't want the car to look ugly). What if I just paint the inside of the fender (using spray paint -assuming I can buy a small can). Then I would reinstall fender, lights, bumper etc. and then drive the car to a body shop for painting fender only? Does it make sense to you?
The last question: the body shops guys try to scare me saying that usually once you start dismantling the broken parts you will find more damage and break more things. -so I wonder what is really to expect?
(I am mechanically OK but don't have much experience in fixing newer cars and no experience with painting).
Thanks a lot for any advice
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You have bumper itself
Covered by bumper cover, or fascia, that's what caved in
followed by an add on piece of plastic down at the bottom, hanging off the lower cover edge, called skirt. Or, your bumper cover is 2 part piece, with lower, detachable part, called skirt.
Apparently some brackets holding it all together, "brace".
Repair will be done likely by a shop preferred by your insurance, and they will use "adequate to OEM" parts, which will be aftermarket parts anyway.
Yes, you never know what you find.
Any auto paint store will give you the right match paint and put it into spray can. You'll be better off though sending it all to MACo to paint. Painting is an art.
I use Certifit for parts and don't have any issues with them. Except that they are roughly 4 times less in price.
I am really not sure on your hand skill and equipment and experience. You may end up doing half baked job that will be sore in your and wife's eyes, and then you'll have to do over and pay more anyway.

Post pictures.

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