Car will not say nothing help!


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Post Car will not say nothing help!

I have 1993 Ploymouth Acclaime, the light's come on,the horn blows,turn signlas work,emergence lights work,the light around the ignition is on but the windshild wipers don't come on,the gages wont work, the radio wont come on and it will not start,will not turn or nothing can't here anything.Can a man get some help please.
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That's a tall order. Best guess is going to be a loose connector somewhere. Going to take some time with a multimeter and a wiring diagram most likely. Check repair guide section at for wiring diagram.
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Until the motor not turning over, I would have said it was a fuse. The radio and wippers share the same fuse on most Dodge/Chrysler products.

How old is the current battery and what does posts (and clamps) look like?
If they are in rough shape or the ends with the nut and bolt are touching each other, it's time for new clamps.
It does sounds like a battery/wire/connection issue.
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The electrical issues you are describing here could be due to battery (and or) alternator issues. First make sure that the connections at the battery are on tight and that they are clean. Ground connections are especially important, and all connections must be free of all dirt, rust and corrosion.

How old is the battery?

Is the battery in good condition or is it weak?

Don’t just go ahead and replace the battery, but for answers to these questions and much more, have an ASE Master Mechanic, do what is known as a “Load Test” on you cars starting and charging systems.

Visit the link below for more information.

Troubleshoot Car Electrical Problem

Also do you know about the "Hammer Method" of testing a starter?

Do you know how to rule out a defective "Ignitioin Switch"?

Do you know how to use a "Volt-meter" (not a test-light) to confirm a circuit to the starter?

Does your vehicle start with a jump?

Thank You

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Cheap an easy

True just don't buy a battery but take it out along with the alt. and take them to your local parts shop. they will test them for free , I recommend Advance just a personnel fav but any will do them. Also is there at least a clicking when you turn the key? Shows some sign of battery life. Good luck.
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(Also do you know about the "Hammer Method" of testing a starter?)

Read more:
Is this where you beat the side of the starter with a hammer & crack the Permanant magnets inside & now you no longer get a core refund because you have destroyed your starter core??? This sounds like a 1950's trick, it may be expensive now,,, Roger
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That trick has worked for me a couple times. Had the starter stick on me while in the bush with my son. If I could remember where I put the thread, I went into details of how my 3yrs old got it unstuck (the starter).
In this case, I don't think this is the issue.

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