1994 Ford Tempo doing weird stuff...


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1994 Ford Tempo doing weird stuff...

Okay. I just replaced the power steering pressure hose and the starter brush assembly on my NEW(to me) '94 Tempo GL 3.0. Now, while on the shakedown trip around the neighborhood, it seems a little slow to respond to accelerator pedal input from idle, and while sitting in my driveway at idle, if I shift into D or R, it is WAY more likely to die than to keep running. Service Engine Soon light comes on only AFTER it dies, so I don't think there's a code associated, but I haven't scanned for a pending code. Engine idles smoothly in neutral, and idles fine in gear with just a little bit of pedal, Just won't do it on its own. Any ideas before I break out the scan tool and PRAY I have the stuff to connect to this car? Any/all input is appreciated. Thanks in advance - Chris
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Look towards the IAC .... idle air control. Not exactly sure what Ford calls it. It controls the air into the engine at idle. With an older vehicle like that it could very well be carboned up. Sometimes it can be removed and cleaned..... or simply replaced. It's mounted to the side of the throttle body assembly.
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I hope in some way I was able to you with your pressure hose. Regarding this issue, do a scan for error codes, and post any codes you find. Confirm fuel pressure via a fuel pressure gauge. Best thing to do is to drive the car with the fuel gauge attached to the fuel rail. Drive at different speeds and engine loads while watching the gauge. If the gauge needle holds steady then fuel pressure is good. On the other hand, if you notice the gauge needle moving wildly, then you could have a fuel pump issue.

Has the fuel filter been replaced recently?

What does the electrode burn on the plugs look like?

Disassembling the throttle body and giving it a good cleaning in a pats washer would be a good thing. When cleaning pay particularly close attention to the pivot points of the butterfly.

Thank You

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