2001 Ford Focus High Revving.

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2001 Ford Focus High Revving.

Replaced the TPS, cleaned the plenum, no codes thrown on check. But revving to 6k and holding without opening the throttle. Found a vacuum leak and fixed that, but no change. Would hold between 600 and 750 then shoot straight for the redline.
Since I started playing with this problem the car has been sold, but it's been bugging me. One I just couldn't figure out.
Off to do more work on everyone else's car but mine... LOL.
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Michael Keller,

You need to check for vacuum leaks (and or) vacuum hose issues on the rear of the intake manifold. A cracked hose, or porous hose, or loose hose (for example) will cause an intermittent entry of unmetered (ambient air) which will raise the RPM's. At operating temperature, and while the car is idling, reach around to the back of the engine and move the vacuum lines around to see if the idle changes. If it does you know that you have a vacuum leak (and or) a vacuum hose issue. There are methods of checking for vacuum leaks. One method uses carburetor cleaner, and another method uses propane fuel. Both methods are useless and unprofessional. The best way to rule out a vacuum leak is with an “Engine Vacuum Pressure Tester”. Do you know how to use an “Engine Vacuum Pressure Tester” and post the results?

Thank You

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