Brakeless Mustang redux


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Brakeless Mustang redux

If the brakes power booster were to fail, I should still have mechanical brakes...yes...? So if I have NO brakes...other than the hand brake...the problem must be other than the booster. Maybe a stuck master cylinder piston or wheel cylinder piston...? Any ideas...?
Thanx again, Charlie.
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What year is the car ?
Does the pedal go all the way to the floor ?
Does the pedal not move at all ?
Did you check for brake fluid in the master cylinder ?
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Pedal moves a 1/2 inch or inch, then hard as the hubs of hell! Both feet on the pedal wouldn't stop the car; so, again...maybe a stuck master or wheel cyl piston...?
Have had about 80 cars, and have done most of my own repairs, but never experienced this set of symptoms. Intend to loosen the lines at the master just enough to see if the pedal moves, and rule out (or not) the master cyl; but thought I'd get some other ideas. 1995 Mustang GT.
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May I ask why you are posting your brake issue twice? You originally posted this issue on 5/12/13 at 6:17 AM. At that time we responded with possibilities and solutions. From that time, have you ruled out vacuum issues with the brake booster or a failed brake booster? For that matter, can you tell us anything you ruled out?

Thank You
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Hey Amy...
Yes, I ruled out booster failure, for the reason stated in my first, #1, "redux" posting. I'm leaning toward master cylinder(or wheel cylinder) piston seizure, but haven't the time, at present, to get my hands greasy; plus WI weather hasn't been very agreeable of heated indoor shop have I.
Anyway, that's where I'm at presently; thanx for the input.

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