2003 Ford escape V6 almost stalling when at a light.


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Unhappy 2003 Ford escape V6 almost stalling when at a light.

I've noticed this a lot lately that when I've been driving and come to a stop at a light or whatever and my engine idles rough. It bounces between 200-300 rpm to the normal 1000 range. What could be the solutions to this.
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Have you had all software updates done by the dealer...there were problems with the early models about stalling and rough running.

Also...throttle body may need cleaning...but don't pay outrageous pricing for it.

You might try using a bottle of SeaFoam in a tank of gas. Not Gumout or any of those. It's about $8...but might help...I know it has on some of my small engines and is recommended by many on automobiles. Not a miracle cure but can help with some issues.

When was the last complete tune-up (plugs, wires, etc) done? I know it's not cheap.
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I would vote for Vic's throttle cleaning suggestion. Old toothbrush and some carb cleaner. With engine off, prop throttle wide open and go at the throat and both sides of the throttle plate.
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Will try SeaFoam

I will try the SeaFoam. I just replaced the spark plugs at home a few months back so it should not be that.
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With the addition of ethanol and other burning enhancement and pollution reducing additives passages get clogged easier.

Most vehicles use some type of IAC.....idle air control system which is a motor driven solenoid that allows air into the engine at idle and just above idle. That IAC unit can be cleaned or replaced. I tend to replace them as cleaning doesn't seem to last long.

The video link below is just one of many on the 'tube covering this issue.

IAC valve Replacement (Idle Air control) on Ford Escape

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