SAP SAP, TREE SAPon vehicles,,,,,,,Suggested cleaners.???


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SAP SAP, TREE SAPon vehicles,,,,,,,Suggested cleaners.???

Mineral spirits need a lot of elbow grease and don't always get it cleaned up.
GOO be gone work very well.!
Lacquer thinner works well But I am very cautious and a bit nervous about using it on the paint of an auto. ok on chrome or bumpers.
Razor blades work excellent on Glass.
Any other ideas or feedback thanks.!
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hot hot water would be the safest thing
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Had a big glob of pine tar (sap) leaking out of a knot on a 2x6, and it was dripping right on the frame of a clad Pella window below. I got the bright idea of using a can of chewing gum remover (carpet stores usually sell it) which is just cold propellant that freezes the bubble gum so you can smash it with a hammer and remove it. Well I found out it also works well on tree sap! Froze the tree sap and it chipped right off the window clean as a whistle.

I wouldn't recommend spraying it on glass though! The contrast in temperatures could certainly cause it to break.
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Visit the link below.

Thank You
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I use diesel fuel. It's not going to hurt the paint or the clear coat.
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That's a great idea! I always have some home heating oil lying around! I believe they are the same!
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WD-40 works well .........

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