93 explorer...did snapped tensioner pulley do more damage than meets the eye?


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Exclamation 93 explorer...did snapped tensioner pulley do more damage than meets the eye?

1993 ford explorer w/AC

last week at the gas station I started it up and there was a high pitched loud whine/grind, then the engine died. I tried it again, same noise..so I shut it off, and turned it over a 3rd time... crap. the tensioner pulley fell out from underneath the truck in two pieces, not sure if it's complete or not. The serpentine belt seems to be in good condition though. The gas jockey and the mechanic both said the truck should still turn over, but it will only crank, not catch. I had to push it home ;/ It's been sitting for a week bcuz I am low on finances, then today I noticed that what appears to be tranny fluid pooling along the bottom of the pan.

Are my issues related or do I just have impeccable timing with multiple problems? Is it possible that there was damage done when the pulley broke out? Is the truck not starting normal considering the serpentine belt is disengaged? I haven't taken anything apart yet, but the sun is out and it's time to get it fixed, so I would really appreciate some feedback!

Thanks much!
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That key never should have been turned once the timing belt came off.
It can and may have bent the push rods. Any mechanic should have known that. And also known it would have done you no good to even try it.
It has noting to do with your transmition leak.
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Joe....who said anything about a timing belt? It's the S belt driving accessories.

Pix...I think you have other issues. Even without the S belt...it should still start unless something was damaged when it came off. I'm thinking maybe a crank position sensor...though I'm not sure where those are located.

As to the fluid...need to find where it's coming from first. And are you sure it's trans fluid.
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Good thinking on the CPS since usually they are near the main crank pulley.

Also.... the belt whipping around could have caught the transmission cooler lines.
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well, I definitely turned the key a couple of times and tried, so i'm hoping that didn't do more damage in and of itself...

as for the fluid from underneath, it's light dirty pink from what I think is the tranny pan, and very dark red/brown between the motor and the transfer case(?). From the looks of it there's been an issue for a while under there. I just bought it in january and haven't had many problems or leaks before though.

i'll look up info on the crank position sensor..thanks!

any other suggestions about where to troubleshoot from here are much appreciated.

I went ahead and took off the remaining pieces of the tensioner pulley...the coil and backplate came out no problem. There is sign of wear on the fan blades, so they were probably chewing against the assembly for a while before it snapped. grrr :/
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how would i determine if the push rods were bent by trying to start w/out the belt....?
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So then it doesn't appear that the belt was the cause of your leaks.

I was checking further and found this:

1991-93 2.3L and 1991-95 4.0L (VIN X) engines did not use CMP sensors. (CPS)

What you really need is a code scanner to read the trouble codes from your EEC-IV engine computer. Maybe you know a mechanic that could read the codes for you.

You lost the accesory drive belt.....not the timing belt/chain. You would not have damaged the pushrods. You need to crawl under the vehicle as well as looking down from the top and see if there are any broken plugs or wires that the belt could have snapped.
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I didnít go back to read all the other responses. I only read you original posting. The 4.0 V-6 in your Explorer uses a timing chain and not a timing belt. Most likely what happened in your scenario is that when the tensioner broke damage was done to the crankshaft position sensor at the same time. That would explain why the truck is not starting now. On the other hand you could very well have a timing chain issue on your hands. I say that because your truck is from 1993, and you do mention the mileage and if the timing chain has ever been replaced. Given your scenario, and the facts here, itís better to be safe than sorry. First change you get rule out a timing chain issue.

Thank You
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I would tend to lean toward the suggestion that either the broken tensioner pieces or the belt have knocked loose either a sensor or a connector/wire somewhere. Broken belts and tensioners/idlers are fairly common, but don't usually affect the running of the engine beyond loss of accessories and/or cooling (water pump).

Reading Ford codes:


I found parts listing for crank sensor.

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