2003 Chrysler Voyager Transmission problem.


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2003 Chrysler Voyager Transmission problem.

The tranny on my 2003 Voyager van went out at a stop light. No prior warning, nothing. Was running fine. Now there's no forward or reverse UNTIL it gets revved up, then it goes into gear once the rpm goes down. Then it kicks into gear. (Applying gas is like having it in neutral: Nothing but the motor revving up.) Fluid level & color is ok. No leaks are visable. Can't get code's because it will cost $100 to have it towed to auto parts store/garage. Could this be the Transmission Control Module and/or Transmission Solenoid gone bad? Replacing either of these would be preferable to replacing the entire transmission. (I can do both of these at under $300). Also it has a 2.4L DOHC 4 cyl engine. Is there anywhere on the vehicle tha can tell me what size/type of transmission this van has? Any suggestions/advice? Thanks. Chris Harrach

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Welcome to the forum.
Although kind of useless in this case, you can have any check engine light codes read on your dash by turning the key from the off position to the run position (3 times) and leaving it in the run possition on the third time. It'll read out any codes in the PCM on your odometer (of flash the check engine light if you have a mechanical odometer).
That being said, I doubt you will get a code from the tranny.

Unfortunately I'm not a tranny guy, so I can't even hint of knowing what could be the issue.
I am however wondering if you made a typo and meant to type 3.3L engine instead of 2.3L
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Thanks for the info on getting the codes Mike. If I can get hold of a code reader, I'll be set for that. You were right. It was a typo on the engine size. It's a 2.4L DOHC 4 cyl engine.
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Oh... I didn't know they still put the 2.4L in the vans in 03. I knew they had back in the 90's.
I've got a 3.3L (07 grand caravan) and would have guessed that was what you had. It's mated very poorly with it's tranny (don't remember the model off the top of my head).

How many miles on the van?
If it was the more common transmission, I would say pick up a used transmission at a wreckers and swap them. Probably would be cheaper then the labor to find and repair the issue with your existing.
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In discussions from time to time with my tranny guru, I seem to recall him remarking that the Caravan/Voyager trannies were not good candidates for replacing with used units. I don't recall what the common failure is on those units. Any way you cut it, probably going to cost some bucks for diagnosis/repair.

Mike already asked, but how many miles on it and what kind of condition is the van in overall? At the ten year mark, an average driver would be at about 130-140,000 miles.

Expensive to get towed in Atlanta? A hundred bucks will get you about 20 miles of towing down here.
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My Chrysler Town & Country... SAME PROBLEM

Hey Chris,
My Town &Country Chrysler van did exactly as you describe. I Googled the question and your forum thread showed up.
From your comments I understand that there are other possible causes besides a ruined tranny. Like items you mentioned: "control module", or "solenoid". I am hoping maybe one of these is the culprit. Did you find out the cause of your problem? Sure sounds like we have the same issue. Thanks for your post and I am hoping for some guidance from the voice of experience. Regards, Buddy Martin

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