2000 Buick Century running hot


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2000 Buick Century running hot

I have a 2000 buick century that started running hot. Had a leak in the radiator and put stop leak in it several times but that didn't help. Changed the thermostat but that didn't help. Discovered a crack in the seam of the radiator. Replaced the radiator, but the car was still running hot so we replaced the water pump and installed another thermostat. The car still ran hot and we could smell antifreeze. We discovered the new radiator also had a crack in the seam. Took the radiator back and replaced it again. It still ran hot so we also replaced the waterpump again because the new waterpump was shaped a little different than the original although the manufactures packaging said this was normal. We also replaced the thermostat for the 3rd time because we were afraid that the car running hot so much may have damaged the new one we had installed.
The car is still running hot. The air and heat work. The 2 pressure relief valves are releasing steam when opened so my brother said the lines wouldn't be stopped up.
I don't know what else to do. Any ideas?
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Did you change the radiator cap, the top & bottom radiator hoses too?
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You really need to get a pressure test setup on it and see what's going on. You didn't say how many miles are on it, but at that age a head gasket would not be out of the question. At the very least I would pull the spark plugs to see if there is any evidence of head gasket leakage. You can normally confirm by inspecting the porcelain on the center electrode; if you find one that looks clean and white as if it was brand new, you've found the leaker. The coolant/water leaking into the cylinder steam cleans the plug. Trying to remember if that year had intake manifold gasket problems, but don't recall.
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How do you know it's running hot?
What 2 relief valves are you talking about?
Does the engine blow steam into the overflow tank?
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It's always set on the half way mark. Now it goes up to the hot and the red light comes on.
When my brother was filling up the tank after installing the new radiator, there are 2 valves, one on each side of the top of the motor that connect to the hoses (I think) and he turned them until steam ran out to relieve the pressure so the water would completely fill up the radiator. He said it let the air out of the radiator.
Third, yes, the engine blows steam into the overflow tank.
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