Trooper AC ReCharge


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Trooper AC ReCharge

Our 1988 Isuzu Trooper is needing some freon as its showing bubbles passing the sight glass although it's still cooling fairly well. It's been a few years actually since I added any last and it's still an R12 charged system. I have some R12 left that I was going to add in but when I start to take the cap off the low side schrader valve, I can hear a hissing sound like the gas in the system is trying to escape. What can I do?
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The only thing I can think of is that you will have to take it to a mechanic that does AC work and have him evacuate the system so that the valve insert can be replaced. Then he could re-charge and add what you have left.

You can't move fast enough to replace the insert without losing a lot of the charge.
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Sounds like you need a Pro service. Likely that the schrader has been slowly leaking. They have a tendency to do that. I've had one of mine replaced twice.

Put a little soapy water or spray it with an all purpose you see bubbles.

Have to evac the system, replace the valve(s), then refill to spec.

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