Dead battery charger


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Dead battery charger

Is there a particular part of a battery charger that fails..? Have a 2/10/60 amp that's not very old, that quit on me. Are there any tests...? Can it be repaired, depending on the problem..? Should I junk it..? Hate to spend another $60 to $100, if this one can be resurrected.
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Without knowing what charger you have it's impossible to say. Open it up and see if it is anything obvious like a blown fuse or broken wire.
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Why did it quit? Need a make/model to know what yoy are talking about.

What exactly do you mean by quit?
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Thanx for the replies, foks.

Have opened it up already and see no evidence of burning, broken wires, rust, etc; very clean inside; It's an Exide 17004, 10/2/60 amp. It still hums as always, but the needle doesn't move in relation to the amt. of charge anymore. The light is always green, rather than yellow for charging, green for charged.
There's no reaction or spark if I quickly touch the clamps together, on any setting.
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Sounds to me like the cables that hook to the battery have an open in them somewhere. I would open it up and see if you have voltage where the battery cables connect inside, and if so see if you have voltage at the clamp end. I have seen the cables lose connection at the battery end many times.

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