high whining sound when I accelerate at low speeds


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high whining sound when I accelerate at low speeds

It doesn't happen when I turn the steering wheel so it isn't that. I just got a set of tires on the front but why would that cause a whining sound at slow speeds and not faster speeds? by slow speeds I mean up to 40MPH or so. I thought it might be a belt but then why only at that speed.
I drive a Ford 500---2007
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Belt tensioner bearing...A/C clutch bearing....Alternator....
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It certainly sounds like a slipping belt. Possibly the alternator or AC belt if separate belts or the serpentine belt.

Checking the belt(s) would probably be the best place to start.
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Have wheel bearing issues been ruled out?
Did you have the sound before the tires were replaced?
Are all tires the same size?
Are all tire thread patterns the same?
How does rotating the tires impact the sound?

Remove all the lug nuts (front and rear) and reinstall them using a torque wrench. Use a "Criss Cross" method to tighten the lug nuts and set the wrench at 150.

Thank You
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Had a whining sound from my 2006 E250 service truck. About a week later the alternator failed. Motor is 5.4L. Just food for thought.
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Note that the recommended lug nut torque for the Ford 500 is 100 ft/lbs. Over tightening could warp a brake rotor.
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