Pt Cruiser vibration.


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Pt Cruiser vibration.

My daughter's Cruiser has a mysterious vibration while accelerating. It is most noticeable in second gear, but continues after shift, if accelerating. The whole car seems to shake and sometimes feels like a radial tire belt. I've heard about half shaft problems, which I think is the shaft connecting transmission to the cv joint/wheel. The driver's side half shaft has a rubber piece midway of the shaft. Like slipping a donut on the half shaft. Does anyone know the reason for the rubber donut? Any other help will be most appreciated.
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I think that's supposed to be a dampener for vibration in normal operation when the CV's are in good condition. The vibration you describe does sound like a CV going/gone bad. Had similar symptom on wife's Camry a while back; was especially noticeable when accelerating up a freeway on-ramp.

You didn't mention what year and how many miles on the vehicle, but check the easy stuff first - missing wheel weight, bad tire, worn strut(s), worn tie rod(s)/ball joints - after that, probably needs CV's. Do both at same time.
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PTs are also known to kill their drivetrain mounts. There are two underneath mounts, one on the engine on the passenger's side on the side accessed from the top, and one on the transmission on the driver's side accessed from the top. If you pop the hood and have someone rev the engine you may notice it rocking back and forth more than it should.

If the drivetrain gets too out of alignment it can have negative consequences for the halfshafts, and can also cause problems for the power steering hoses and other things that connect between the drivetrain and the body.
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I'm with TWX. Definitely have the motor mounts checked. My folks have a couple PT Cruisers that they bought used and they both had a slight shake and broken mounts. Replacing the broken mounts took care of the problem. Luckily it's not that bad a job.
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Not Motor mounts

Thanks for your reply, but I had motto mounts replaced for engine shake and that didn't fix this particular problem. It seems to be more of a drive line problem than engine shaking. I think?

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