Buick LaCrosse 2006


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Buick LaCrosse 2006

I found a lot of water on the passenger floor of my friend's car and could feel water up under the dash.
Is this something I can fix like a clogged cabin filter or loose ac drain hose?
If so, where would I look, under the dash or under the hood?
If not I guess I'll vacuum it out at the car wash and bring it to the shop.
Thank you for any help you can give.
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I'm not real familiar with the cabin filters but the ac could be a cause. It will probably take some time looking to identify where the water is coming from. My wife used to have a merc that would fill up the passenger side floor with water whenever a hard rain came from that direction - turned out a caulking type seal in the door and failed.
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Likely the drain for the A/C coil is clogged. Normally the hose exists just below the coil in the same general area of the firewall. May be able to see it if you feel up to wiggling under the car. Prob $5-10 at a shop if you look helpless enough. Just a shot of compressed air or a thin wire pushed in does the trick.

If the moisture smells or tastes sweet...it's a cracked heater coil or connection. Now you are talking $600-800 most likely.
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ac clog

Hi GG45
Thank you for the information. With some looking around and a long thin screw driver all is draining well.
I read that jeeps have to be drilled out then plugged so we are lucky.
Thank you

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