A\c problem


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A\c problem

I got a 2004 saturn ion 2 when at idel the ac is warm but when u start driving it is cold and then when u stop the car will kind of jerk
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A/C...esp on smaller engines, will put out much less at idle than at road speeds. The jerk may be unrelated...or it may be that if you stop quickly, the compressor kicks out and allows more power to the drivetrain.

Try it with the A/C off...does it still do the same? May be unrelated.
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It does not jerk when the ac is off
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I have had some act this way when low on freon.
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I had the same problem with an 88' Celebrity and the problem was the fan relay not working. This relay turns on the fans when the A/C is turned on to circulate air thru the condenser when stopped. When driving, air is going thru the condenser by your forward motion. Check to see if the fans are running with the A/C on while parked.
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It sounds as Wrench said you probably really need a top up of freon, but make sure the condensor fins are not plugged at all with dirt and bugs etc. I would eliminate the fan possibility, check for clear air flow through the condensor and then have a pressure test done and top up as needed if these other possibilities are not involved.
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I would imagine that the AC used to work well weather at idle or while driving down the road, if thats the case then something has happened outside of the design of the system. I would imagine you would like the easiest and least expensive course of action to start. Get a re-charge system at the local parts store and fill it to begin with. If you can buy the kit that has DYE in it. That way if the system works after a recharge and after a while diminishes in function then there will be a dye left where the leak is, you will need an ultra violet light and glasses to see it but usually if there is a large leak it will leave a oily residue where the leak is. As for a jerk, perhaps that is a different subject to offer more clarification on.
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