1993 Ford Ranger will not start..


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1993 Ford Ranger will not start..

i have a 1993 for ranger 3.0 that died while driving and will not restart. It has been checked with a fuel pressure guage.. changed fuel filter.. and new fuel pump.. my power steering pump has been going out and making an odd noise prior to this for a few days but still works. my manual says there should be a pressure switch under the floor board but it can not be found.. my plugs are getting spark.. i dont know what to have done from here.. my bf believe no fuel is making it to the injectors??

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My first thought was timing belt, but I checked and looks like the 3.0L has a chain. The pressure switch you mention is probably the inertia cut-off. If you've already had a fuel pressure gauge on it and it reads good, the inertia switch is not the problem. If you're thinking fuel delivery problem and you have pressure, next step would be to check injectors for pulse with a noid light. Should be able to borrow/rent one from one of the big parts stores.

Are all of the routine maintenance items current, plugs,wires, cap & rotor, etc?

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Sounds like a familiar problem. Have you checked for spark ?

If your vehicle uses the EEC-IV ignition system then you may have a bad pickup coil in the distributor or spark module. The problem can be determined by an EEC-IV code reader.
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He said plugs are getting spark, PJ.

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