Fuses keep blowing for blower motor on my '94 Astro van? What do I check??


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Fuses keep blowing for blower motor on my '94 Astro van? What do I check??

I have an Astro van (1994). My ac quit working yesterday. My son ohmed it out. There were fuses blown. The problem seemed to be the blower motor. We changed that out this morning, put new fuses in and they blew again. What can I check now?
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If the fuses that are failing are for the blower, the next thing that I would check out is the blower motor resistor. It may be shorting things out. This is the module that is used to adjust speeds on the motor but it has done it's job for 20 years. Just another place to look for problems. They are normally cheap to replace also.
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You need to look at AutoZone online and try to get a schematic I have a similar problem with my Tribute and basically the only thing left is a wire rubbing and shorting out on the side before the control relay (5A circuit). The main blower fuse (30A) is not the issue. In most cars you'll find a couple of sensors in the A/C line for high and low pressure that control a relay which actually energizes the blower.

I put in an auto reset breaker in place of the fuse til I can find the issue. Of course now my compressor has bit the dust...so bigger things on the agenda.
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If you still have the old blower motor you can apply power to the two wires going directly to the blower motor and check for the motors function, BE CAREFUL as if it does run it will spin the fan assembly and they can bite so I used to step on them or put it in a bench vice for testing. There is as mentioned a resistor block that can be an issue as well as wiring shorted some where. As for the pressure sensors they are to control the compressor function, if the refrigerant pressure is too high they will cut the compressor out so it wont throw a belt and if too low it will as well cut the compressor out as the oil for the compressor is carried in the refrigerant and when there is a leak the oil leaks out as well...... compressor blows up. If you add refrigerant it is a good idea to add an ounce of oil, some recharge kits have an amount of oil in the fluid.
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