Never changed brakes


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Never changed brakes

I have a 1994 ford explorer xlt and not sure how to get my old brakes off to replace them with the new ones can any one help me
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Moved you to a fresh thread. Front brakes or backs? You can start with reading procedures in the Repair help section at
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It might also be a good idea to get a Haynes [or other brand] repair manual, especially if you intend to keep the vehicle for awhile. You should be able to find some u-tube videos on brake work - for the most part, all disc brakes or all drum brakes are about the same.

btw - welcome to the forums Sherri!
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I'll second picking up a repair manual for this and/or any other task you may come across with this vehicle (or any really).

Without knowing which brakes (front/rear, disk or drum), here are a couple tips and tricks.
- Have a metal coat hanger and or a piece of rope handy. When not holding the caliper, use the coat hanger or rope to hang it up, keeping the weight off the break line (saving you from other damage). The coat hanger works great with coil springs as it can easily hook on the spring and on the caliper. Similar can be done with drum brakes.
- When changing rotor style brakes, change the pads and rotors, or have the rotors machined (generally replacement is only a couple dollars more then machining.
- When changing rear drum brakes (not rear disk/drum combo), expect the auto-adjuster to not turn. Almost every vehicle I've worked on with drum brakes, the auto-adjuster gets stuck or seized. Expect to have to replace the drum, auto-adjuster and shoes.
- ALWAYS change the brakes on both sides (driver and passenger side) at the same time. Also change the same parts on both sides (pads, rotors, drum and/or shoes).
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Find a mechanic, brakes are not a good place to learn how to hold a wrench. They arn't real difficult to repair but there is a lot of downside to a mistake. For the sake of the person or people you might run into find a mechanic
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My thoughts exactly. I worked with an old boy and a fellow asked him how to get a distributer cap off. He said "if you dont know how to get it off you got no business in there"

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