gurgling gas tank


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gurgling gas tank

2004 ford tarus, v6. son drove into town, over 100 miles and 100 deg. When they got out of car they smelled gas and heard gurgling sound from gas cap area. Five min. after engine shut off, still gurgling. If we removed gas cap, sound stopped. Put gas cap back on, sound returned. Did not hear airpressure coming out or in when gas cap removed. Had half full tank of gas.
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Could be the tank is under suction is why you didn't smell gas. I would be checking into a new fuel cap, as the one you have may have a venting problem. It will eventually to a "Check Engine Light" illumination, requiring someone to erase the codes.
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I don't pay much attention to automobile repairing these days but I think most vent the gasoline tank through a charcoal filter assembly and several hoses and check valves. The OP said they DID smell gas(oline) so i suspect there is a problem with the charcoal canister or valving. Absent a shop manual and technical bulletins, finding the cause could easily be a real problem.
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I try a new gas cap. I know it's comparing apples to oranges but the gas tank on my tractor used to do the same thing - a new cap fixed it..... and caps don't cost that much. It was mostly an issue when the tractor was worked hard for an extended time.

Furd is right though, modern gas tanks have 2 lines, the supply and a return line [mostly for vapors] add in some of the smog stuff and it might take some effort to find the cause.

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