Did I change the air filter too soon?


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Did I change the air filter too soon?


I recently changed the air filter on 2007 Honda Accord v6. A maintenance light came on, and I think it included an air filter change. My notes said I had changed the filter about 8,000 ago. The box the filter came in said to change filter every 12,000.

I am including photos of the filter I removed and replaced. Do you think that this filter is still good enough for me to use again? It did not see, very dirty to me. But it such a pain in the butt to change the filter on the Accord, so I put the new filter in before I closed it up.

Thank you for your insight.
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The time interval may be listed in your owners manual.

!2,000 miles is a good time to change it based on normal driving.
8,000 miles was probably a little soon.
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If the manufacturer (of the car, not the filter) says it should be changed when the maint light comes on, thats probably what I would go by...though 8000 seems very short, at least for your area. Out here where you get a 1/4" of dust on the dash if you leave the windows cracked for a day, it makes more sense.

Do you know if your maint light takes into account your actual driving, or does it just count miles and come on?
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Hi. I think for some some things (like oil changes) it factors in actual driving, but I am not sure if the car factors in actual driving for air filters
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If its a pain to change I would put a k and n in and forget about it. You will probably save money from buying pricy paper filters.

I use them.

Visually inspect every 25k miles and clean every 50k miles. Per k and n. If you change to the snorkel type its every 100K miles. But I dont like the snorkels. I believe they let too much hot air in the intake.

33-2277 - K&N Replacement Filters, Replacement Air Filter direct from K&N
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The manufacture has recommendations based on service, normal and of course and heavy as mentioned in heavy dust areas. I would follow that premise as they are the ones warranting the car so they tend to be close in areas like that. No air filter is maintenance free as their job is to trap dirt particulate and keep an engine safe. K&N uses a filter element that to my knowledge uses a added oil to make them so efficient. At least the ones I used years ago racing in the desert did and I used a nylon sock over the element to keep it from trapping too much sediment and becoming plugged during use. I had to wash them and re-oil them after each event. In modern cars with air mass meters the oil tends to get trapped on the sensing wire causing less accurate performance. I removed a number of them during my career as they were causing check engine lights to come on. I have seen them on cars with no oil on the element and to my knowledge that isn't correct usage. I havn't read their advertisement for years so they may have changed their design so it's worth investigating past a parts salesman of course.
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I have the same make,model,and engine type.

I change the filter once a year.

If it was my car,i'd change the filter if for no other reason than to see if the light goes out. If it stays on i think you might have a different issue.

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