Cleaning car's seats and carpet


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Cleaning car's seats and carpet

Can you guys recommend a product that works well, and is easy to use? Thanks.
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I would think any of the better name branded items (Meguires, Simonize, etc.) would have a product for seats. If you have cloth seats and have a big stain, you may want to try Resolve to remove the stain. Just everyday clean, I'd use one of the sprays from the big names.
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Thanks. My wife's car has a couple stains we want to try to get out.
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Sometimes a topic you think would get a great many posts from personal experience just lays there...

I feel technique matters more than product--and the name brand store stuff is low on technique. "Just spray on & wipe off!"
Many years ago I took a car I wanted to sell to the home of a janitor at work who detailed on the side. I watched how he did the carpet. Just a little dash of soap solution in a gallon of hot water, dip a big natural sponge in it and work up a thick lather by repeatedly squeezing the sponge, squeeze out the excess water & work the lather into the carpet. Scrub the stains with a short bristle brush. Vacuum up the dirty lather. Rinse & vac.

Definitely not "spray & wipe"--it takes work. I guess elbow grease is hard to market.
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I always want to know what the stain is as that drives my choice of solvent for it.

Leather or cloth seats?
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Every 20-30,000 miles I take my car (Jimmy SUV) in for a carpet shampoo at an overpriced and busiest car wash around. They do it better than I could ever do and much quicker (20-30 minutes for a shampoo) that I could do.

I have leather, so all it takes is a leather cleaner every few months/years and a good conditioner that is close to a spray on and wipe/rub off.

I do a "wax" once a year whether it needs it or not because I can pull it inside and do a section as I feel and get the satisfaction without regard to weather.


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