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Unhappy Ford Escort

Have a battery drain and no one seems to know if I apply my volt meter across the starter relay B and M Posts should I be getting voltage. Replaced battery, alternator (which tested bad at auto parts store) and starter relay. 1987 Ford escort, l4 1.9 L gasoline engine. Had starter checked at auto parts store also. Did find one bare wire to accessories and repaired it.
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Yes....if you put a voltmeter on the B and M terminals you will get a voltage reading.
The B stands for battery and the M stands for motor or starting solenoid. You should see full battery voltage with red probe on B and black probe on M. Since the relay is like a switch....when it's open the circuit voltage will appear across the contacts.

It's pretty rare for the starter relay to be the cause of a voltage drain.

The easiest way to check for a voltage drain on a battery is pull off the negative battery lead and connect a test light inline with it. With the car doors closed, you connect the light, it should be bright and then dim down. If the light stays bright for more than a minute you start pulling fuses out of the fusebox one at a time until the light dims or goes out.

The problem will be on an "always live" fuse so if you have the fuse box diagram(s) you can save some time by not pulling fuses that are only live with the key on.

A bare wire will not cause a battery drain. If a wire touches ground it will create a short and blow the fuse.

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