oil pan bolt crush washer question

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oil pan bolt crush washer question

I have a 2013 kia Optima w/ 14k miles.
I had oil changed once at stealership and last coupla' times did it myself.
Problem, last 2 times the drain plug developed a little leak. Not right after the change but a week or so later. (I use valvoline 5w-20 and Kia oil filters.)
So, recently I bought a new plug and crush washer from kia--replaced both with last oil change and it seemed to solve prob. for a little while. I know how to change parts on a car and how to tighten filters, plugs and oil drain pan plugs so no I didn't over tighten . . . .
Had car at stealership for a free rotation/balance and wiper blades on Saturday--their free inspection didn't see the oil on the plastic shielding under the engine--and there is a lot of room between firewall and engine so how they missed it I don't know--wife drives car so I didn't check this before I went in. I know I should have -duh! I will be taking car in this week for them to have a good look under the car--the shielding covers all of the underneath except for the small spots to drain oil and change filter, so it's hard for me to look all around under there.

Anyway, there are many types of drain plug washers out there (Kia likes the aluminum ones-I don't), copper, synthetic, aluminum, nylon.
Should I change the washer after each oil change and what is the best washer to use???

Thanx--been changing my own oil for years and have never seen this--even on plugs that have been put on way too tight..
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Dont know Kias but when you say crush washer that would make me think of a one time use product. Seems like the americans like the plastic gaskets and I never seen one give trouble unless it was abused.
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I believe the owners manual or service manual mentions replacing it with every oil change. I know Ford does. My vehicle used a copper one which lasted pretty long. I only changed it when it wouldn't seal.
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I personally choose cooper washer since it's a malleable material.
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crush washers should be changed every time. That being said most don't and never have a problem. but and its a big but if you don't you are taking a chance on leakage everytime.

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