2005 GMC ENVOY Speeomter not working.


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2005 GMC ENVOY Speeomter not working.

I have 2005 GMC ENVOY, the speedometer is stuck past the maximum allowed speed of the speedometer at all times, even when the ignition is off. all other gauges work fine. replaced the speed sensor,problem still exists. what next...
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sounds like a gauge issue. could be an interment issue. first step would be to remove the cluster and let gravity pull the gauges back to the correct side of the resting peg. if ir jumps all the way around again you will have to replace the cluster,or have it rebuilt.
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Ice is probably right, but wouldn't hurt to find someone with a handheld scanner/reader that is capable of reading real-time data. One of the data points will be vehicle speed. If this shows correctly, that will eliminate speed sensor circuit and computer. Definitely look into getting cluster repaired vice replacing. Likely to save you a pile of $.

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